A good night sleep is an absolute essential for a good healthy productive day and lifestyle, and with the hours spent in bed daily, you should put some great thought and consideration when choosing your bed sheets.

When it comes to comfort, proper bed sheets are truly worth the investment, you don’t need to go crazy expensive to create that pleasant warm sleep environment, you just need to have the right idea of what to look for in your bed sheets, and what suits your body the best in terms of material.

Types of bed sheets

There is several types of bed sheets and everyone has their own favorites.

Cotton sheets

Cotton sheets are the most common and popular bed sheets out there, for a good reason, other than the fact that cotton can be extremely comfortable, cotton based beddings and bed sheets tend to be more durable, which makes them more cost effective compared to other fabrics. They’re also breathable and easy to take care of.
This fabric of course comes in many different types, such as: pima cotton, upland cotton, Egyptian cotton and much more.

All great choices, they differ in terms of quality softness and of course prices, for example Egyptian cotton is well known to be more of a luxurious choice, due to its super soft and warm texture. So pick and choose what suits your budget and needs best.

Pima cotton is also known for its softness and natural sheen. It has medium to extra-long fibers that are ideal for bed sheets. This cotton is primarily grown in the southwest of the United States, along with a few other locations.

Egyptian cotton is the most luxurious variety. This is what you’ll want if you’re shopping for super-soft, high-quality bed sheets. Grown in the warm, dry climates of North Africa, Egyptian cotton bed sheets has extra-long fibers that create the softest, smoothest fabric.

Supima® is a trademarked name for fibers and materials woven from 100% American Pima cotton.

MicroCotton® is a trademarked brand of extremely fine cotton thread developed in India. This durable cotton, made from long-staple cotton fibers, is very soft and absorbent.


For luxury and just sheer indulgence, nothing beats real silk bed sheets; they’re cool classy and sensuous. They’re an essential for a sexy romantic bed room.
Not forget the fact that natural real silk is hypoallergenic, which is a huge plus for people with asthma or prone to allergies.

The downfall to silk bed sheets is without a doubt the high cost, like we said at the beginning, this is more of a luxurious option. Not to mention the delicate and difficult care of such fabric.


Ok flannel based bed sheets are technically cotton bed sheets, however flannel is cotton that’s been combed repeatedly in order to fluff up the fibers of the fabric, which gives it that extra bit of volume and fluffiness. It also helps traps in the heat, which makes this fabric the perfect choice for winter or area with extreme low temperatures.


Polyester is a manmade fiber produced polymers, used to make other plastic products.
When it comes to bedding products, polyester by its own is far from the perfect choice, due it’s nature being stiff and scratchy, which is counterproductive to the goal of a bedsheet that’s a good and comfortable sleep.

However you’ll most likely find polyester mixed with other fabrics, such as cotton.
Polyester based bed sheets are generally the cheapest option, and you can find some quality polyester bed sheets sold as microfiber, and that are actually quite soft and durable.


While bamboo can be made into fabric, it’s typically rather stiff and rough. Most often, what you find labelled as “bamboo” sheets are actually rayon. This means the bamboo pulp went through a chemical process to dissolve the pulp, re-solidify it, and then spin it into thread. This process involves harmful chemicals and is potentially hard on the environment, making bamboo sheets less environmentally friendly than its manufacturers claim.

It does produce a very soft, durable and silky fabric, however. Bamboo is as breathable as cotton and feels good against your skin.

Fabric blends

Midrange thread counts like 400 to 600 are your best bet, they’re often very soft and ridiculously comfortable, not to forget the fact that they’re much more durable than sheets with higher thread counts.

How to choose your type of bedsheets

After a quick tour of the top most known types of bed sheets, how will you know which to choose? Well, we’re going to guide through some basic points you absolutely need to be aware of, in order to make the perfect choice.


This is a no brainer, right? Generally speaking the higher the quality the higher the price, starting from top luxurious fabrics like Egyptian cotton, or silk to cheap options like polyester and cheap blends.

The actual fabric might be the number one thing to consider when making your choice, because of how differently each type of fabric react in different temperatures, the cost of each fabric.
Cotton is the most used fabric for sheets and beddings, it’s a very well rounded choice that can pretty much work for anyone, it traps heat well for the cold nights, and it’s nice and soothing for hot nights, it can work for any climate.

It also comes blended with many different materials and fabric like rayon, or polyester, this of course affects the weight, softness and many other aspects, so do a little test at the store by softly running your hand up and down the sheet to get an idea of the general feeling of the product and gauge how you like it.

Thread count

This is probably something you’ve heard of before. Some say it’s the most important aspect when choosing a bed sheet, some say it’s overrated. But it certainly has its place in the decision.
To put it simply, a sheet’s thread count is the number of threads contained in one square inch of fabric.

Midrange thread counts like 400 to 600 are your best bet, they’re often very soft and ridiculously comfortable, not to forget the fact that they’re much more durable than sheets with higher thread counts.


we’re basically talking about crisp or soft option here, if you tend to prefer your sheets with a little snap, choose percale, it’s a more plain weave than other available choices such as sateen.

It all comes to your personal preferences and taste. On the other hand you have flat knit made sheets, such as jersey sheets, these are known for being extremely soft and silky like, however this also means a lot of slipping and sliding so be careful. And if you live a cold area, these aren’t your best choice.

Why bed sheets are so important for good quality sleep

Your night routine, mattress quality and even pillows are more frequently discussed factors when we’re talking about contributing factors to a good quality sleep. But bed sheets are most likely the reason you’re not fully refreshed and ready for the day each morning.

Some fabrics tend to trap more heat and be less breathable than others, and vice versa. So the fabric of your bed sheet is an extremely important aspect that can contributes either positively or negatively to your sleep, depending on your choice. If you’re someone who gets cold during the night you might need a cotton based bed sheets, with high quality and mid-range thread count, this will help you stay warmer, just enough that you sleep comfortably and not too much that you wake up all sweaty and hot.

As stated before, aim for a mid-range threads count when it comes to your bed sheets, anything over 500 to even 600 is not worth the investment. For once, higher thread counts to be finished with synthetic materials in order to get that high count, which can cause allergic reactions, and even rash in some cases.

Also try to wash your beddings at least once every two weeks, to efficiently preserve the quality of the bedding fabric, and keep it fresh unwrinkled, and clean, just this alone can help dramatically improve your sleep quality. However be careful when washing your sheets, depending on the nature of the fabric, you need to choose the right detergent and cleaning products, and wash cycles, because you can do more damage to your sheets in some cases, especially when it comes to luxurious fabrics like silk and Egyptian cotton.

You might also need to consider using different sets of bed sheets, some people use seasonal bed sheets, especially in areas with highly changing climate and temperatures.
All these different characteristics can impact the deepness and quality of your sleep, so make sure to pay attention to each point when it comes to your bedding choices.

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