Everybody derserves to sleep well. In Egyptian cotton sheets everybody can. One of our favourite bedding types is made from the smoothest cotton from the shores of the Nile in egypt.

Here is our take on the Best Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets on the market. There is load of types of cotton sheets on the market. We want you to find the best choice for your comfort and sleep. There’s many choices when looking for bedding, but not to worry – we will though this bed sheets guide, guide you through the market.

Below you’ll find the list of the best egyptian cotton sheets on the market in 2018. Each set handpicked by our specialists and reviewed for you to select your favourites.

Best Egyptian Cotton Bedding 2020

Well, now without wasting any further time, let’s jump on to our top 10 best egyptian cotton bed sheets.

New York Rainbow Genuine Premium Egyptian Cotton 800 Thread Count Review

If you want to buy a reasonably priced sheet set, this New York Rainbow set is all you need. It gives you a comfortable experience and a luxurious feel. These sheets are made from pure Egyptian cotton and can be used every day for a comfortable sleep. They are a perfect combination of softness and comfort. The finish of these sheets is lustrous and ideal. They have deep pockets and their elasticity makes them fit perfectly. Single ply present in these sheets makes them even more desirable.

There is a fitted sheet, two large pillowcases and one flat sheet included in the New York Rainbow sheet set. The softness of the sheets will make sure you get a comfortable sleep. The design of the sheets is improved by the presence of a high thread count, which gives the sheets a cozy feel.

There are days when you get irritated because of lack of sleep, which occurs due to itchy and uncomfortable sheets. However, with this New York Rainbow sheet set, you can get a relaxed and itch-free sleep. All of these sheets can be washed in machines. Make sure you wash them gently by using a delicate cycle, cold water and a sensitive detergent.

Handpicked Egyptian Cotton

These Egyptian cotton sheet sets are available at a reasonable price to give you one of the best experiences. Being handpicked makes Egyptian cotton more special. Handpicking allows the fibers to stay straight and undamaged. This is because the fibers are protected from all the stress. Hence, the yarn gives a softer touch with less splices.

Ply Sheets and Deep Pockets

The 800 thread count gives this sheet set a gold standard. Although thread count is important, it’s more important to consider the ply when buying the sheets. The term ply means the amount of single fibers mingled together before the fabric is made. Single ply sheets are more durable and soft and have higher quality as compared to other sheets.
The depth of the sheet’s pocket is 19″, which makes it completely elasticized. This makes sure that the sheet can be easily fitted on a king size bed.

Product Specifications

  • Available in multiple colors
  • The set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two matching pillowcases
  • Machine washable

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

The reviews were both good and bad, but people who made negative comments are few in number and their only gripe is with the late delivery of the product. Otherwise, most customers were satisfied and found the sheets extremely soft and comfortable.

The sheets get even softer when washed over and over again. They will give you a comfortable sleeping experience and will not make you feel itchy or sweaty even in hot weather.

Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets by ExceptionalSheets 650 Thread Count Review

If you want to have a comfortable night’s sleep and refreshing mornings, get yourself the 650 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set. This sheet set is known for its longevity and softness. Traditional cotton is not made from large fibers, but Egyptian cotton is made from lengthy fibers. This results in the production of a fabric that is silky as well as durable.

Don’t go for cotton sheets those are quite itchy and hard, as they will only make your nights irritable. With the availability of the 650 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set, you can get the feel of the linens present in luxury hotels. These sheets give you such warmth that you don’t have to worry about stuffing your mattress with extra fabric. These sets are available in a huge variety of colors and sizes that include Split King, Twin XL, and Olympic Queen.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is known for its comfort and high standard. It gives the sheets a luxurious touch. It contains a high thread count that is responsible for the high quality of the sheets. Thread count is basically the number of woven threads assembled together to make a sheet. Most other sheets do not have such a high thread count. The higher the thread count, the better the quality. Furthermore, the cotton fibers present in Egyptian cotton are the longest, which aids in making the sheets durable and stronger.

Single Ply and Breathability

If you feel uncomfortable and sweaty in your sheets in the summers, replace them with the 650 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet because it is breathable. Breathability means that the sheet lets the air pass through it, making it cool and relaxing throughout the time you are sleeping. These sheets help you have a sweat-free sleep.
Plying is a process through which the threads get thicker, and ply is a term used for a single thread with various yarns. Egyptian cotton is made through this process which makes the sheet durable and soft and impacts its feel.

The 650 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set is not cheap, but if you use it properly with care, it will outlast the sheets bought at lower prices. That’s why it is known as a cost-effective set.

Product Specifications

  • The material used is purely Egyptian cotton
  • The total thread count is 650
  • Assembled in USA
  • Components made in USA

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

Almost all of the customer reviews show that people loved the 650 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set. It lets them have a comfortable and better sleep. Being strong and soft at the same time is an amazing quality of these sheets, and none of the customers have seen any pilling.
It’s worth buying. It is soft from the first day and gets even softer after each wash. It will not disappoint you, and it can be used for king sized beds as well since it is wide enough.

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